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We are a designer teacup puppy online store. We don’t have a shop, everything we do is virtual.

We offer worldwide deliveries. 

We have two delivery options

Option 1: $500.00 pet safe service.

We send the designer pup in a carrier with water, food, and blankets and are not under any sedation. The sound and vibration of the engine are soothing for them. Most of the time the teacups are asleep the whole time of the flight. Pups are in the cargo area. Cargo is a separate area in the plane where they can accommodate up to 2 dogs. It’s with the same pressure and temperature as the passenger area. 70% of our customers go for this option.

Option 2.  The private nanny delivery- $1500.00

The micro teacup pup will be delivered in the care of a private nanny. Who would be perfectly trained to accompany your mini teacup puppy? The teacups will be in a carrier with essentials such as food, water and blankets. The pup will be seated at the foot of many for supervision and company and will be never left unattended.

In both scenarios, your mini teacup puppy has trouble leaving its previous home for a new one. The home they grew up in and are familiar with their it’s natural that they miss all that she placed in a new home. It takes them from a few hours to a few days to adapt to the new place. Just keep them cosy, well fed and safe and give them time.

Deliveries are booked 3 days in advance before the delivery date. Before the teacup pups leave us they are 16 weeks and older before that we don’t let them go as they aren’t old enough. The delivery coordinator will call you and reconfirm all the details such as prearranged dates, your invoice confirmation, the flight details and the tracking number. 

We ensure the puppies are hand raised in the home, they are brought up with love, kept well socialized and are secure. These are the best companions you asked for. We didn’t have interruptions caused due to COVID-19. We also don’t offer any pick-ups from our home.

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