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*Delivery has not been interrupted by COVID.

Looking for a pure mini teacup pup? Well, worry not you are at the right place! We deliver our pups worldwide with the pup nannies. Since 1994 we have been breeding teacup puppies. Our online business started in 2016 before that we only exclusively sold puppies through high recommendations of our customers. We don’t have a store, we are just like any other online business such as Amazon.

Not sure which mini teacup breed is the right choice for you. Well for that you can check the breed description page.

You don’t have to pay on the spot. We give 48 hours withholding services of your favorite little teacup. All you have to do is to let us know.

Most questions are answered on our website check out FAQ page.

You can check out our extensive teacup puppy health guarantee here

We have shipped to international clients. Here are Customer Reviews with delivery.

Photos that you see on our website are up to date, you can call or email us to have your customized breed teacup and make it part of your family.

Your designer teacup dog will arrive with:

  • IATA-certified carrier
  • Water and food dish
  • Blanket (scent from home do not wash for at least a week)
  • 10 Pee Pads
  • Leash and harness
  • 1 month supply of kibble-Royal Canin Puppy X-Small (if you opt for another brand gradually switch by adding a few kibbles over the course of the month)

What should you buy?

  • To keep her safe you need a bolster, a crib, or a playpen cot. The clothes made for puppies won’t fit them and would be a size too big for them kitten clothes might fit.
  • Treats: chopped frozen carrots, chicken cooked shredded, crushed ice
  • Probiotics
  • Maple syrup or Karo

*Natural foods won’t harm them and they won’t make them overweight.

Refunds/Exchange Policy

We don’t offer exchange or refund.

Size Guarantee:

An exact weight can not be guaranteed for factors that might affect them such as lifestyle. If the teacup pup is healthy, happy, and getting the exercise they need with the required nutrients in their diet then don’t worry they will weigh according to the adult weight list.

For 30 years we have been in the designer breeding of teacups and mini-sized dogs. Our breeding program for teacups is highly focused on producing very rare teacup and mini puppies

Usually, we have 1 to 2 bear teacup pups per litter. There are no midgets.

Caring for your Designer Dog:

Teacup craves attention and love. The designer tea cups are happy while around you it’s better to take them anywhere and everywhere you go.

If you can’t take them with you and aren’t home much we would recommend buying two teacups and will give a $1000USD discount.

Just as they crave the attention they crave and need the availability of 24/7 food and water. You can freely feed them kibble. You must check that they get food every 4 hours like when they are infants from till they are 2 years old. If you feel like they are hungry, put maple syrup on your finger and in their mouth. Teacups should not be taken to vets or parks or for walks until they are 6 months old. For the first 6 months, they are to be carried.

 For kids below 12 teacups aren’t an ideal pet

Social media isn’t a platform where reputable teacup puppy breeders sell.

A genuine teacup puppy breeder seller wouldn’t go for brokers or third parties. Resellers often don’t have the idea of breeding parents due to which they don’t have any idea of the teacup puppies’ social and nutritional care.

✈️Worldwide Delivery

We offer a Health Guarantee of 1 year.

Excellent quality and super mini size, free six weeks of insurance, vaccinated and lifetime support, microchip.

We don’t offer finances.

You can give us a call if you have more questions and first do read the How to Buy page please.

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